Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School Trips

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School Trips

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School TripsStone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School Trips

weddings and handfastings at the ancient technology centre


Welcome to our weddings page. The Ancient Technology Centre (ATC) is proud to be one of Dorset’s most unique wedding venues, where dreams of Rivendell, Hobbiton, Vikings, and Rohan and more can come vividly to life. 

Our wedding hire fees help us to support the hard work of our teachers and volunteers. Our team works around the clock providing specialist school trips and open days to allow school children and our local community to experience what it might have been like to live in the ancient past. 

The ATC is a breath-taking wedding venue* but is also a working educational site, so we have a dedicated team of experts on hand to help you plan your special day. They are familiar with the working ways of the ATC, and have a wealth of experience in wedding planning, to help you make the most of our stunning venue.

Please note: The ATC is delighted to host wedding ceremonies and celebrations, but is not registered as a licensed venue for legal marriage certificates. Please call our celebrant Ellie Brooks for more information about wedding laws and how we can help you with your dream ceremony.  

Meet Ellie: Our specialist ceremonialist and preferred celebrant 

As the first and only accredited Sacred Celebrant (IPHM) residing in Dorset, Ellie is the Ancient Technology Centre’s specialist ceremonialist and preferred celebrant. 

Since the dawn of time, the peoples of Earth have celebrated rites of passage with ceremony. With a fierce passion for the ceremonial traditions passed down by our ancestors, Ellie is qualified to perform authentic Handfastings rooted in ancient Celtic traditions, and can advise on wedding ceremony customs that go back thousands of years. 


As a professional storyteller, poet and writer, Ellie is able to create you your own stunning wedding ceremony completely from scratch, telling your love story in the way that is most meaningful for you. 

When she isn’t performing weddings, you may see Ellie at the ATC performing public ceremonies and celebrations for occasions such as the Winter Solstice, Beltane and Samhain. To find out more about the services Ellie offers, please visit

Meet Sam: Our wedding planner from South Coast Weddings 

With more than a decade of experience working in the wedding industry, Sam is a passionate wedding planner with a wealth of expertise, and is known for magicking even the wildest ideas into reality. 

Sam is proud to have exemplary relationships with the very best of local wedding suppliers, and also runs the astoundingly successful annual Dorset Wedding Awards. 

Sam has been fully inducted to the ATC’s ways of working, and knows just which suppliers will suit you best in order to create you the wedding day of a lifetime at this one-of-a-kind venue. To find out more about Sam's services please visit 

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To find out more about our  wedding options or to book a viewing of our enchanting venue click below or call wedding planner Sam Savage on 07766 244 362.