Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School Trips

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School Trips

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School TripsStone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking School Trips

Residential Visits

The Longhouse, designed by Luke Winter, the ATC manager at the time, took over three years to complete and is a truly unique facility where visitors can immerse themselves in the past. Our modern toilets and kitchen are beautifully disguised so as not to distract from the period whilst also ensuring safe levels of hygiene for our visiting groups.

A quick tour of the Longhouse can be seen here.

Viking Longhouse

The residential hall is designed to sleep up to 35 children on sleeping platforms with accommodation in separate bunk rooms for up to eight accompanying adults.

On arrival, your children stow away their modern clothing and bags in chests and transform themselves into ancient farmers by dressing in simple tunics, dresses, hats, head scarves and belts. The days work now begins.

Each residential group is split into two groups.

 "Dear ATC Team. My 'clan' had a fantastic weekend with you back in the summer term. Thank you for your genuine interest in the children and your deep enthusiasm for history and your flexible approach to our needs". Steiner Academy Frome. 

Group 1 - Longhouse Team

The “Longhouse” team embarks on the jobs required to produce an ancient style meal for the whole class. They prepare locally grown and seasonal vegetables, butcher joints of meat, make butter, cheese and grind wheat to produce bread. The meal is cooked over the open fire in the hall and served on tables suspended from the roof.

Each child has a wooden bowl, handmade wooden spoon, horn or wooden cup and a wooden trencher to eat from. The food is simple, delicious and nutritious and the hard work involved in making it ensures empty bowls!

Group 2 - The Farm Team

The “Farm” team take part in a range of jobs outside and are responsible for the seasonal tasks which will keep the farmstead running. 

The work is real and varied – ranging from fence building, metal work, making cob bricks for building, chopping and sawing wood, dyeing wool and gathering fuel for the fire. 

Both groups rotate after lunch to ensure a full experience of an ancient day.

Supper is served, the chores are done, it’s time for ancient games! The children can play indoor and outdoor games that challenge mind and body. Riddles, chess, nine men's morris, tablet, sword play, kubb all can be played and enjoyed.

Bedtime is a memorable experience, unrolling two sheepskins each, closing the leather windows, locking the doors and building up the fire for the last time and then a chance to lie and gaze up at the magnificent roof carved with 3000 runes flickering in the amber light of the fire.