Roman Water Lifting Machine

The Museum Of London has kindly donated the famous Roman Water Lifting Machine reconstruction to the ATC and the Grand Opening of the Roman Water Lifting Machine took place on the 4/5th May 2011 with many ‘slaves’ taking the unique opportunity of experiencing moving water the Roman way.   

 The machine was featured on a Time Team Special and caught the imagination of the public.  Water is be collected from the Viking building roof runoff and held in a lined pit beneath the machine. We intend to build a series of chutes to take the raised water to the top of our small field system and animal pens. We currently have the bottom sections finished.  Our aim is to test this machine with regular use and monitor wear of components and the actual quantities of water moved by the device. This in turn will provide information and insight as to the efficiency of water movement in Roman London.   

The machine has so far completed 5404 rotations resulting in 340 tons of water moved.