Stonehenge Neolithic Houses

In 2012 the Ancient Technology Centre was commissioned by English Heritage to carry out an experimental archaeology programme to reconstruct Neolithic houses. The design of these houses was based on evidence uncovered at Durrington Walls, near Stonehenge, by the Stonehenge Riverside Project (2003-2009). 

The remains of seven late Neolithic houses were found, and these are thought to be part of a much larger settlement dated to the middle of the third millennium BC.

Neolithic Houses Project 1 (prototypes) 2013

The Neolithic Houses Project consisted of two phases. The first phase (2013) was to construct prototype houses at Old Sarum, near Salisbury. The second phase (2014) was to construct five further houses to form part of an out-door gallery at the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre. 

The phase two houses were slightly adapted versions of the prototypes to allow for access issues for one million visitors annually.