Why volunteer?

The Ancient Technology Centre has a great team of volunteers.  Our volunteers enjoy the unique setting of the site and understand the importance of education and public interaction.  Their work directly benefits the many school children that visit us every year and is vital in the organisation and running of our public events.  

Our volunteers are a diverse and interesting group of people. Some  help during the week, some at weekends, some at events, some for work experience. Whatever your contribution it will be very welcome!  

Volunteers are free to choose their role at the centre, some enjoy carpentry and building others enjoy the teaching and demonstrations. Let us know what your skill or interest is and we will do our best to incorporate you into the team.

Our open weekends allow the visiting public an opportunity to see the inner workings of the site and all of its processes.  Our aim is to recruit and maintain more volunteers who are specifically interested in learning traditional skills and working methods.  

Volunteers work together.  Therefore we are looking for keen people of any age (above 16 years) who would like to learn and take part in a wide range of crafts and skills and who can attend our open events.  

Come and have a look around and talk to us!

Contact us at atc@dorsetcc.gov.uk